- Lighting for Art -

Studio Peter Linde Busk

Project Type: lighting for art
Realised: 2016
Client/Artist: Peter Linde Busk

Credits: Courtesy of the artist, Per Anders, Eric Tschernow


The artwork, "You Live By The Sword, You Die By The Sword" from the Danish artist Peter Linde Busk was first shown in a gallery in Copenhagen. The art piece is a lead glazing made out of antique glass, originally meant to be hung in front of a window.

After it was purchased by a private collector, we were approached to recreate the light situation under which they had viewed the art piece in the gallery, but with artificial lighting. Our aim was to give the art piece the same feeling as if daylight was passing through it. Analyzing the surrounding setting, which includes a yellow reflecting facade and outdoor lighting conditions such as time, day and season, we designed a solution which would recreate all these factors and would be small enough to fit inside the framing box.

Lighting tests helped us to see how we could bring out the details of the old colored glass at its best. Now, the art piece is evenly lit with diffused warm white LEDs and the owner can control the intensity of the lighting depending on the situation and personal preference.