- Event Lighting in Public Space -

Winter Cities Shake-Up 2017

Project type: temporary lighting installation
Completion: 2017 / Edmonton
Winter Cities Edmonton
Photography: Shaney Woodsmith

The Winter Cities Shake-Up Event focuses on good design for winter cities. Lighting is one of their main pillars and crucial for pleasant winter cities. In 2017, the Winter Cities Shake-Up festival was held in Edmonton, Canada. We were approached to create a temporary lighting installation that  encouraged people to play outside, despite the cold. How could light help people experience their own city? Could a dead facade become a meeting point?

The R+G+B=W installation uses the three primary colors of light: red, green and blue (R, G, B). Based on the principle of additive color mixing, when all the primary colors are mixed together, the result will be white light. 

Mainly white light is seen in the area of the installation. However, when stepping into this seemingly white light, created by monochromatic sources, our shadows appear colorful and will keep changing as we walk. This playful installation invites you to look at light and your colorful shadow and keeps you wanting to stay outside!