- High-End Residential -

Villa in Mougins

Project in Progress

Project: high-end residential
Realised: 2016 / Mougins
Project size: 570 sqm
Client: Private owner


Studio De Schutter is currently working on a high-end residential project; consulting on all architectural and decorative lighting. The villa is the main building on a larger complex located close to the city Canne, in the south of France. The house has historical value and must be preserved in its original state, consequently the lack of windows and daylight openings has to be overcome. This is where we as lighting consultants come in.

The owner places great importance on the fact that everything from the architecture and the interior design down to the lighting are all consistent with the style of the area; known as “the provence style”.

In terms of lighting design, every room has it’s own character. The lighting scheme is multi-layered, functional and adaptable to the usage of the space and light requirement for the time a day. In the souterrain, where the entertainment spaces are located, namely a cinema, a billiard room and a bar/dance area, the lighting plays a key role in establishing atmosphere, thereby enhancing the experience of the space.

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