- dynamic lighting -

Victory Bridge


Project type: event lighting, programming
Realised: 2016 / Tartu
Client: Tartu city government
Photos & video: 
Annika Haas


When conceptualizing the lighting program for Voidu bridge in Tartu, Estonia, we immediately felt that the proposal had to be connected to the heart and the identity of this place.

The Voidu bridge, or Victory bridge, is Tartu’s oldest crossing and was the first concrete bridge over the river Emajogi. For a long time, this bridge was a temporary crossing without a solid construction. It was destroyed during the second world war and a long period of reconstruction began soon after.

In 1957, the bridge finally opened to the public once again. Now, after 60 years one might just pass it by, not knowing it’s turbulent history.

The dynamic lighting concept visualizes the story of this site through four different lighting scenarios: the temporary connection, war and destruction, the reconstruction, and the current times. The lighting concept invites you to stop and commemorate this vital connection between the two riverbanks of Tartu.

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