- Lighting for Art -

das Rheinrad

lighting consulancy for the installation artist Ulrich Vogl

Project type: lighting consultancy and technical support for art
Realised: 2016
Ulrich Vogl
Installation: Das Rheinrad
Commissioned: Kunstfonds Konzil
Credits: Courtesy of the artist

The Berlin-based artist Ulrich Vogl, is known for his sculptures and light art installations. He approached Studio De Schutter for technical lighting consultancy, in order to realize his installation “Rheinrad”.

The “Rheinrad” is a site-specific artwork at the Rheintorturm in Konstanz, in the south of Germany. Once the Rheintorturm formed the gate to the thriving middle age city. Now, a gigantic wheel, the “Rheinrad” refers to this glorious past. When lighting hits this constantly turning wheel, the shadow cast on the medieval tower resembles an old film projection commemorating this past. 

We had to make sure that the light installa- tion wouldn’t disturb by passing boats and traffic. The fact that there where no mounting position close to where the light effect had to be and the conservation regulations for listed buildings and natural environments, the project became technically very challenging. Today we can say that our lighting installation is bat proof, non-disturbing for migrating and nesting birds, and has zero spill light because of its very narrow beam. 

The light art installation will be open to the public for the period of one year (2016- 2017). 

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