- Office & Co-Working and Event space - 

Pro Veg Incubator

Client: Pro Veg e.V
Completion: 2018
Project size: 450 sqm                                                                                                                                                                              Architects:
LXSY Architekten

Together with architects LXSY, we transformed an office space from the 1990s into a co-working and event space for the Vegan NGO ProVeg Germany e. V.. Pro Vegs' goal is to establish a sustainable nutritional lifestyle in our society through education and action. Today, the space integrates kitchens, multiple meeting rooms, workstations, telephone booths, a flex-desk area and event spaces stretched over two floors.

Since the mission of Pro Veg is to promote a sustainable and vegan lifestyle, we wanted to reflect this in both our lighting design and the choice of fixtures. Besides selecting luminaires that were made of natural materials like wood and ceramic, we sourced and upcycled fixtures.

At the permanent working zone, we designed customized and dimmable lighting sculptures made with linear, modular elements. Linear light lines are a recurrent element throughout this project.

Lighting is integrated into most of the furniture pieces. Sometimes it is task lighting; at other locations it provides soft and indirect lighting to brainstorm. The purpose of this is to underline the concept of the architects who designed the wooden structure as an element that adapts to the different functions in each space.

The entrance both includes a flex co-working station and event area. Here pendant luminaires can be hung on different hooks to react to the needs of the users and the activities in the space. 

In the basement, where the multipurpose rooms don't have access to daylight,we worked with several lighting layers to achieve a various and pleasant environment. The back-lit panels give a hint of daylight through their colder colour temperature. This is contrasted by the ceiling-mounted fixtures that dim to warm, offering a warm glow and creating a bright ceiling. Through these lighting layers, settings for meetings, informal presentations or yoga sessions can be made. 

We pay attention to every small detail and leave nothing to chance! Hence the funky cabling feature on the ceiling!