100 year of Bauhaus


We are happy to announce that our lighting installation, Your Point of View, is part of the 100 year birthday celebration of Bauhaus.

The light installation "Your Point of View" will be presented at the festival center at Ernst-Reuter Platz exclusively for bauhaus week berlin.

Sometimes a change of perspective is enough to judge something fundamentally different. The Bauhaus movement raised many fundamental questions and broke with this everyday patterns of which we still feel their effects today.

Those who walk around this installation recognizes immediately the importance of a viewpoint and how it influences their judgement. For Studio De Schutter it was clear that they wanted to go beyond just mere aesthetics for this installation: "Focusing on the visitor experience, on perception and how this causes inevitably some kind of reaction, inspired us for this installation.”

“Your Point of View” is based on the concept of Gestalt psychology as it sees perception as a step by step layered process and toys with this very principle. With the change of perspective, you gain new knowledge. What appears here as a perfectly arranged concentric circle, triangle or square, promptly dissolves into a pattern of individual LED lines, eventually blurring into a pool of light. Through this interaction, the installation becomes dynamic and creates a dialogue with the observer.

Here for more information about the events and activities of the Bauhaus week in Berlin.

Posted on September 2, 2019 .