- Temporary Installation - 

Kronach in Lights 2014

Project type: temporary installation
Completion: 2014
Project size: 200 sqm
Kronach Creativ
Workshop leader: Sabine De Schutter
Stephan Amm 


Kronach in Lights is the biggest light festival in the south of Germany. In 2014 the town of Kronach transformed for the 9th time into a magical sea of lights. In preparation for this event four lighting design workshops were organised in different parts of the historical centre.

Students from the university of Torino, Coburg and Wismar joined to create an architectural light installation. Sabine De Schutter was workshop head of the group at the Melchior-Otto square. The aim of the workshop was to get hands-on experience, whilst working with lighting in an historical context.

In five days students learned about lighting and created a lighting realm for the square with its church, chapel, victory monument and fountain. The students focused on revealing stories of the city's history, its duality and hidden details through touches of light and colour. Kronach in Lights received around 100.000 visitors over the 10 days that the event is on. 

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