- Museum lighting / Heritage lighting -

Stiftung Neue Synagoge Berlin / Centrum Judaicum

Project type: Museum Lighting, bespoke fixtures
Stiftung Neue Synagoge
Exhibition design:
Architect: Anna Holstein

Realised: 2018 / Berlin
Project size: 2300 sqm

Once the most beautiful and largest Jewish house of worship in Germany, the New Synagogue is a unique testimony to German-Jewish history right in Berlin Mitte on the Oranienburger Straße. Inaugurated in 1866, it symbolized how natural it was to be a Berliner and a Jew at the same time. Today, the surviving sections of the building document the violent destruction that happened during World War II and the later decay

The skylights above the staircase let in natural light to the core of the building. Formerly the contrast between bright and dark impaired the perception of the detailed wall structures. The renovated pendant luminaires now follow the course of the natural light by changing their colour temperature accordingly whilst creating a balanced atmosphere.

Pendant luminaires with dynamic white light follow the colour temperature of the daylight and enhance the original architectural concept.

With our lighting concept for this Berliner landmark, we wanted to tell the story of the building and its fractured past. In doing so, the lighting fixtures became an integral part of the exhibition design, which was developed by DuncanMcCauley. The Rotunde, once a semi-public space and the former main entrance to the synagogue, now houses a large broken pendant that is separated along the axes of the building and the exhibition elements.

Out of respect for the listed building, we carefully selected the colours of all the custom-made the pendants and the tracks to blend in, into the architecture.

We went for elegance and integration into the architecture with the bespoke circular pendant in the Repräsentantensaal. With its diameter of 3.5 meters, it appears to be floating in the 13m height space, highlighting the space through direct and indirect lighting.

With the lighting for the permanent exhibition, we looked at enhancing the character of every object. We chose neutral to warm white light colours depending on the object, making for vivid and rich results.