- Besproke Product -

"Amalia" a floating luminaire

Completion: 2010
Project type: bespoke product
Awards: iida 2010 - shortlisted


Amalia is a floating luminaire for public waters and private pools. The fixture creates a magnificent effect whilst it plays with the ripples on the water. This drop-like object floats like an enlarged particle on myriad other water drops; a magnified detail. 

Amalia is a solar powered LED luminaire that combines innovative and sustainable technology. A floating attraction during the day, a spar- kling candle during the night on lakes, rivers and in pools. The luminaire balances on the water, creating reflections and refraction. Its upright position is maintained via a balancing weight in the base. Amalia twinkles and gives sparkles to the outdoor environment. It is an eye-catching element for those who pass by. 

Amalia was shortlisted by the design competition iida 2010, hosted by Incheon Metropolitan City, Korea.

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